General Information

If you see more than one potential solution offered, please submit an additional application form, for each solution that applies to your circumstances.

Please submit an online enquiry form by carefully selecting the solution that best fits your needs and one of our specialist Service Providers will make contact with you to provide advice, quotes and information.

If no response received within 2 working days, it is highly likely that they cannot assist you. If we do have an alternative solution, we will let you know. If we do not contact you, then we are unfortunately unable to assist further.


Bridging Loan Using Loose Assets

Use loose / movable assets i.e. non-property assets such as gold, diamonds, cars, trucks, insurance policies (with savings) airplanes, plant and equipment, valued over R 50 000 up to R 50 million (or more), to access bridging finance. The asset is stored in the lender’s secure warehouse until the loan is repaid. Deals can be done within a few days. 

Endowment Policy Loans

If you have a pension policy, provident fund, retirement annuity or investment with a company such as Sanlam, Old Mutual etc., which is maturing within 4 months, a portion of the lump sum due to you, can be bridged / advanced.



Home Loans

Mortgage bonds now. Quick response home loan service. Free to you today.

3 Step process :

  1. Submit application form
  2. Send all supporting documents
  3. 48 hour response


Pension Bridging

If you have resigned, been retrenched, redeployed, dismissed from your job, have notified your pension fund that you wish to cancel your pension and wish to access some of your Pension Fund or Provident Fund money now, we can in many instances assist with a pension bridging loan or provident bridging loan.

Personal Loan

If you need cash loan, apply for a personal loan between R4 000 and R150 000.



Provident Fund Bridging

Provident bridging loans work very similar to Pensions bridging loans. It is possible to access some of your provident savings now before the provident fund actually pays you out.

RAF Bridging Loan

Bridging RAF loans has never been easier. Quick RAF loans for Road Accident Fund claims. Fair rates. Great Service on RAF advance…..even if you are blacklisted.
No upfront fees for claims discounting on accident loans.

Debt Consolidation for Homeowners

Use your property to get quick access to cash to settle your debts faster.