Short-term finance when you need it most

Business, Personal & Property Bridging Loans


Unsecured Business Loan

  • Business loans for EXISTING businesses that are older than 1 year.
  • Business funding from R 50 000 to R 5 million.
  • Unsecured business finance, for small and medium businesses.
  • Small business loans and commercial loans fast and easy.

Loan Conditions

Loan Term: 6 months ( 26 weeks )
Minimum Loan: R 50 000
Maximum Loan: R 2 500 000
Interest: 25 % for 6 months term
Business Age: Minimum 1 year old
Business Turnover: R 1 million per annum or more
Premises: If leased, then leased for minimum of 1 year,
If owned, then at least one year old
Start Ups: NO START UP business applications will be considered

Loan Requirements

Management Accounts: Monthly management accounts required
Bank Statements: 6 months
Credit Profile: Owners / Shareholders / Members, Trustees and business, to have a 100 % clean credit profile
Ideal income profile: Credit Card sales or EFTPOS
Repayment: Weekly by Debit Order in 26 equal instalments
General: The lender will undertake other checks and request other information to assess the applicant’s loan service capability. All loans are granted at the lenders sole discretion. The lender’s decision is final.
Businesses MUST BE older than 1 year

Ideal Business Profile

Businesses with regular income flow into their bank accounts via  EFT or Credit Card transfers. Companies with contracts that ensure a regular cash flow into their bank accounts have a high chance of loan approval.

Corporate Credit Ratings

Introducing our Corporate Credit Ratings Report, an essential product for businesses that need to assess their creditworthiness and financial health.

Our Corporate Credit Ratings Report provides a comprehensive analysis of your company’s financial standing and creditworthiness. We evaluate various factors, including financial statements, credit history, industry trends and economic conditions, to provide you with an accurate assessment of your creditworthiness.

Our report is designed to help you make informed decisions about business financing, investments, partnerships and strategic planning. It provides insights into areas where your business is performing well and those that require improvement. 


Direct Debits

Introducing the Direct Debits System, an essential product for businesses and individuals who want to streamline their payment processes and reduce administrative tasks.

Our Direct Debits System simplifies the payment process by automatically collecting funds from your customers’ bank accounts at regular intervals. This system eliminates the need for manual invoicing, reducing the risk of human error and saving you time and money.

With our Direct Debits System, you can easily set up and manage ongoing payments, including subscriptions, memberships, and recurring bills. Our system provides a straightforward and secure way to manage all aspects of the payment process, from account verification, fund collection, to notifications and reporting.

Cash Loan

If you require a business loan of less than R150 000, why not apply for a personal loan.

Invoice Factoring

If your debtors book is growing too big, management of debtors is getting out of control or you want to improve cashflow, hand your debtors book over to a professional management company who will handle the collections of all your outstanding debtors, leaving you to focus on other aspects of your business.

NOTE: No loans less than R 1 million

Import Bridging Finance

So you have orders and need money to raise a Letter of Credit to import the goods? Our Bank Guarantee associates can set up a facility on your behalf, out of which you may issue Letters of Credit, SBLC’s, MT 760’s to your suppliers as and when required.

NOTE Only deals of R 1 million or more.

Government Grants

The SA government offers grants (up to 30 % tax free) and incentive schemes for the tourism and manufacturing industry as well as IT and some other specialist fields. We can assist in accessing these non-repayable grants.

Letters of Credit

If you do not wish to use your own line of credit at your own bank, or where your own bank will not provide the facility to you, our specialist service providers can provide the trade facility for you to conduct your export or import business.

Standby Letters of Credit

Our service providers offer 100% cash-backed Standby Letters of Credit, also referred to as Bank Guarantees, issued out of highly accredited international banks.

Litigation Funding and Legal Loans

Litigation funding enables creditors to mitigate or share their risk on collection of large debts, litigation, court cases and / or monetize their legal claims, awards and judgments.

Claims that have been awarded by the courts, have judgments issued or have a good chance of collection, can be funded, co-funded, ceded, assigned or sold to a pool of private investors.

Most of the investors offer world-wide non-recourse ‘investments’, in cases where there are contentious legal matters and funding is needed and the chance of recover or and award is reasonable to good.

Investments ( claims ) range from USD 1 million and there is no limit, can be in any jurisdiction, may arise out of any contract, statute, treaty or tort and can be at any stage of a dispute ( before, during and after litigation, judgments or awards).

Services offered :

  • Sale, cession or assignment of claims, judgments and awards
  • Securing of funding to cover costs of legal recovery.
  • Litigation funding
  • Investor assessment of claims and comparison of Expressions of Interest
  • Communication with various world wide investors

Trade and Inventory Finance

Have you secured a deal involving ongoing transactions and have official order/s from your client BUT cannot execute this deal due to lack of funds? Let us show you how we can assist with bridging finance. Audited financials on your business are essential to do assessment.

NOTE : No loans less than R1 million.

Equipment Finance

Are you looking for asset finance? Discover our asset rental solutions over a range of asset classes ranging from IT and medical equipment to construction equipment.

Renting equipment can be more affordable than buying and can keep you ahead of the curve with more regular upgrades when your rental agreement comes to an end. Apply for leasing finance today. 

Solar Roof Rental

Do you own a commercial or industrial building with open roof space? Sell your roof to solar developers for a fixed monthly rental and create a passive income. Sell the power back to the grid or to your tenant. Suitable spaces include: 

Office blocks, hospitals, schools, factories, warehouses, sectional title schemes, shopping malls.

General Information

If you see more than one potential solution offered, please submit an additional application form, for each solution that applies to your circumstances.

Please submit an online enquiry form by carefully selecting the solution that best fits your needs and one of our specialist Service Providers will make contact with you to provide advice, quotes and information.

If no response received within 2 working days, it is highly likely that they cannot assist you. If we do have an alternative solution, we will let you know. If we do not contact you, then we are unfortunately unable to assist further.