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Bridging Finance is a money advance. For example:

  • funds that are due to you from a property transaction, pension, provident fund or other
  • the conversion of property equity (value) into cash
  • the facilitation of trade transaction normally by means of a cash advance or a guarantee
  • lawsuit finance on the No Win – No Fee basis

Bridging Loans allow you to take advantage of a current opportunity or to settle debts

There are two main elements which apply to bridging loans and finance:



If things go wrong (for whatever reason) the bridging company does not want to lose and so will recover its loan from the security offered by you. There needs to be a clear indication of what is offered as security.


In order to enter into an arrangement to advance funds, a bridging finance company will always want to feel comfortable and convinced that the “exit strategy” (loan settlement) is secure. Your presentations need to be clear on how (from what source) the loan will be settled.

Contacting Us

We are a facilitation service and cannot provide advice to clients.

All enquiries are automatically directed to a specialist credit provider.

If your application is successful, we are paid a fee by the lender which is included in your loan provided.

How Does It Work?

You are requested to please fill in the correct enquiry form on the specific category of finance you require.

Note: Select the correct category, click “APPLY HERE”, fill in the enquiry form, submit and then your enquiry will go to the appropriate credit provider / lender, who will make contact with you IF they feel they are able to assist.

If no one makes contact with you, the credit provider is unable to assist you.

If you select the incorrect category, the enquiry goes to the wrong lender and they will decline the application


Fixed Property Loans

Body Corporate Levy Finance

Money for renovations

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Estate Agents Commission Bridging

Access your commission now.

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Further Bond or Switch Bond

Access bond money now or switch.

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Mezzanine Finance

Developer’s bridging finance.

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Property Equity Release

Convert your equity into cash.

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Property Sellers Proceeds

Access your profit now.

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Rates Outstanding Settlement

Pay outstanding rates.

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Transfer Duty Advance

Settle transfer duty.

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Property Secured Finance

Use your property to secure a loan.

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Personal Loans

Bridging Loan Using Loose Assets

Secure a loan using your moveable assets.

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Debt Consolidation for Homeowners

Use available equity to settle debt.

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Endowment Policy Loans

Advance on policy payout.

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Home Loans

Quick and easy home loans.

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JSE Shares Cession

Use your shares as security.

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Pension Fund Bridging

Advance on pension payout.

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Personal Loan

Cash loan up to R150 000.

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Provident Fund Bridging

Loan against payout.

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Road Accident Fund

Get a quick loan on your RAF claim. No waiting. Quick RAF accident funding and bridging loans.

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Business Loans

Cash Loan

Up to R150 000.

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Debtors Discounting and Factoring

Advance on debtors outstanding.

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Equity Release

For developers.

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Import Bridging Finance

Finance your imports.

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Grants (Government)

Tax free money for manufacturers.

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Letters of Credit

Raise documentary LC’s. Trade facility.

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Litigation Funding and Legal Claim

Trading Mitigate debtor risk.

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Standby Letters of Credit

Credit enhancement financial instruments.

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Trade Finance and Inventory Finance

Secure bigger deals.

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Tax Deductions
Unsecured Business Loan


Advance Payment Guarantees

Protects project owners.

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Bank Guarantees

Credit enhancement.

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Bid Bonds

Security provided by a tenderer.

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Construction Guarantees

Contractor’s performance.

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Custom Bonds

Promise to comply with import rules.

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Equity Guarantee


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Performance Bond

Guarantee performance.

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Performance Demand Guarantees

Protection against non-performance.

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Performance Sureties

Guarantees completion of a project.

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Retention Guarantees

If full payment is made in advance.

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Risk Solutions

Insurance for contractors.

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