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Performance Bonds

When you are required to issue bonds / guarantees to protect the interests of your clients, our service provider can provide cost effective performance bonds fast.

Advance Payment Guarantees

Guarantee that an advance payment will be returned if the agreement under which the advance was made cannot be fulfilled.

Bank Guarantees

Need to issue a guarantee to a supplier or credit provider. Have an approved line of credit but the credit provider requires more security. Make use of credit enhancement bank guarantees, issued from top world banks. 

PLEASE NOTE : The costs to issue a Bank Guarantee are payable on the day the BG is issued. The costs CANNOT be paid for, after the BG is issued.

Bid Bonds

When tendering, security provided by a supplier that they will enter into the contract under the terms in which they submitted the tender.

Construction Guarantees

Issued to guarantee the contractor’s performance undertaken in terms of the construction contract.

Custom Bonds

Issued by an importer, promising to pay the necessary import taxes and comply with the rules for importing goods.





Performance Demand Guarantees

Demand guarantee to provide protection against non-performance or late performance.

Performance Sureties

Issued to guarantee performance and completion of a project by a contractor.

Retention Guarantees

Guarantee that the contractor will continue to carry out its contractual obligations in the event that full payment is made to the contractor in advance.

Equity Guarantee

An Equity Guarantee is an ‘equity replacement‘ insurance product, that is used by Property Investors, Property Developers and Infrastructure Developers  to secure ‘equity‘ for property purchases or developments, without using their own cash resources.

Standby Letters of Credit

If you need a SBLC to facilitate a trade or transaction, then and MT 760 can assist to enable the trade to proceed.

Risk Solutions

  • Contractors All Risk
  • Contractors Public Liability
  • Plant Risk
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Letters of Intent
  • Transport Cover

Bonds of Security/Executor Bonds

This essential product offers peace of mind to individuals who have been named an executor of an estate.

The Bond of Security serves as a financial guarantee that you will fulfill your fiduciary duties and responsibilities properly and honestly. As an executor, you are responsible for managing the deceased person’s assets and distributing them according to their will or state laws. The bond protects the beneficiaries from any financial loss due to your actions as an executor.

Our Bond of Security is designed to provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring that you meet all your legal obligations. With this bond, you can rest assured that your actions are covered under the law, and you have the resources to fulfill your duties effectively.


General Information

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